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New WineSkins

Posted on August 31, 2015 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

As the Lord has been speaking I realize the desparity in the body of Christ is thrusting now and many five-fold ministry vessels have also felt this thrust. The Holy Spirit has to be topic of discussion now in this 21st Century so that people will know the power to remain hopeful and live a life above the norms, and genures of society. 

The perils and angryness that we see around the country now must be overcome and can only be overcome when prophets arise. I love the way the Lord has gotten the word out and I see it catching on now that we must ARISE and be the voice heralding the truth of our God. 

One of the nations most prolific writers and teachers Apostle John Eckhardt recently released the book entiled. "Prophets Arise", after posting on Facebook daily what the Holy Spirit was saying. Many of his friends began to wish it was contained in a book and questioned him, therefore it was born. Prior to this release, I heard this message in the Spirit and started hosting Rise Up conferences in Novenber of 2013 Up to now this cry out has been held in what we call Encounters, Gatherings, Conferences and the like. The mandate to Rise Up and pray began to arouse my inner being and I could not sleep during the night, but began to sleep more during the day. Therefore I prayed during the night watches. When the Lord spoke 24 hour prayer, I also heard Him say the number 3. Not realizing what He was saying, until I was in the middle of teaching from Apostle Kimberly Daniels book "Give it Back" and the three night watches were emphasized, then I got it so clear. Many powerful miracles happened during the biblcal original watches, she noted. Then I recalled and knew for a certainty, that God was instructed me to pray during the night watches, and sound the alarm to many who cannot sleep as usual. Many know it to be the witching hour when the enemy is doing a lot of evil and we as intecercessor knew to fight back during this time in prayer. 

We held a 24 hour prayer on the 10 day of the 28 days of prayer, a vigil that the Lord called me to host. The obedience that we walk in as the Lord's mouthpeice is essential to the MOVE of God in this hour. We must keep Rising!

We must understand that when the Lord brings us to a new move He intends to do a new thing amongst us and we will not have peace until that mandate is obeyed. We cannot keep the old moves, and try to make something work that God is not honoring at the time. Obedience to His directives is essential, therefore we must keep our ear to his voice. 

Prayer, fasting, meditating and the submission are the main ingredients with Study of the Bible includded. We can out run the advesary when we are prepared and equipped for this journey of New Wines skins. 

One such Wine Skin is our Institute of Exploring God, an evangelistic move using discussion groups to bring about the comfort of learning to know God and bringing souls into the kingdom of God. 

We must Rise up to doing new things and collaborating with other ministries and persons of like minds in the community. The church has become too socialistitc, if that is a word, and closed in among itself. We are mandated to make disciples even as we are mandated to help the church grow to maturity. We can have one without the other, without being disobient to God's word. I am excited about the Explore God move here in Dallas Ft. Worth and the tesitmonies that are to come after the crusade has completed the schedule. 

Street ministry, park ministry and outdoor outreach are not as popular as they are going to be. I hear the Lord saying He is shaking us so we can get Re-Fired and not Retired, as Dr. Sharon Nesbitt stated recently at a WWACI - Women with A Call International, gathering held in Jackson MS. We must stay the coarse and remember the race is not given to the swift neither to the strong but to the one that endures until the end. 

New Wine Skins ministry will always trump what was and give birth to What Is. 

Let's continue to Rise Up in New Wine Skins