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Aposle LaNell Turner, Presiding Bishop
Pearls of Wisdom Kingdom Ministries International 
"Transforming & Equipping God's Chosen People.....Nation to Nation"

Pearls Of Wisdom Kingdom Ministry

Repariers of the Breach Sent forth to 
 Transform and Equip God's Chosen Leaders of the 7 Mountains of God
Proverbs 12:2 
Do not be conformed to this world , but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.


Wisdom Is the Principle Thing
Welcome to the 'filling station" of love, hope and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ

We are generals in the army of God always praying and believing that the ministry of Holy Spirit power that is available to us, will usher in lives that are witnesses to what God will do when we trust and believe in His holy and righteous word.

We pray you can enjoy what is found here,  as you browse, see the photos of ministry activities and whatever you need to know about out services. If you don't find what you are looking for, please give us a shout with our Contact form and someone will contact you as soon as 24 hours. You are Important to us and we want you to know that whatever situation you find yourself in, God sees and He knows and He will deliver.

POWKM exist to serve others for the cause of Christ, all around the world. Our focus is to pray that the power of God is expelled and to proclaim above all that Jesus Lives to make intercession for us. Therefore we can always overcome and grow to the mature Christians that He died to make us free to be. If you want to develop your ministry gift we have classes that help to do jus that.

Among our classes are topic to steer your purpose into position to fulfill that very will and purpose for which you are created in the earth realm.

We minister in America which is our home base and Africa our mission Field. Currently others countries such as Ghana are on the agenda to strengthen the pastors and churches, as well as help develop Christian universities and plant churches. We love what we do, even in sacrificial times, our reliance is on God not ourselves to do what only He can do.

We are a company of prophets who have been tried in the fire, and stand to bring others out of every demonic stronghold that has them bound and ineffective. We teach through summits, conferences and our Mentoring Moments Institute for Leaders. The location of the class can be online as well as in the conference and classroom setting.  We support pulpits and ministry associations as well across the Atlantic ocean.  

Our Mentoring Moments Institutes are designed for the five fold minister and Christian worker.

Our Fresh Fire  School of Prayer, is held twice a year to teach Intercessors accoutrements of Covenant Relationship, Spiritual Warfare, Principles of Prayer, Strategies and Activation for Prophetic & Apostolic prayers

Our Ministerial Development webinars are designed to sharpen the "called of God" and prepare ministers for Licensing and Ordination. Classes are held in person and online. 

Our Mission is to fulfill the commission of God placed on our lives as it is pertains to Ephesians 4:11.

As ministers of the most high God we enjoy the pleasure in serving the poor, the homeless, the orphans and widows, downtrodden, the sick, the prisoner across all economic and racial lines.  St. John 10:10 informs us that Jesus came so that WE could live life more abundantly. Taking the journey with us means that Christ leads our decisions to bring increase to every life that God entrust to our sphere.

Our primary focus is built on the Foundation of Prayer, and the Apostolic / Prophetic teaching of activating effective prayer warriors. And releasing prophets, apostles and consecrating bishops and installing Archbishops as International Director for Mission with Pilgrims Ministerial Association College of Bishops Apostles and Christian Workers.

We hope  you visit  again! Check back later for new updates.  Click below to listen to  our Orientation Call for the new Prayer & Discipleship Class for 2016.


Dallas Ft. Worth Branch

Where women walk into their calling and learn to fulfill their destiny in Christ. If you are looking for a loving group to collaborate with and grow, this international ministry outreach to women will change your life. We make a difference every day and in every way for the cause of Christ. Find your place with us and you will see the difference if you so desire. 

School of Prayer  

End Time Warriors arelearning how to engage in powerful and effective Prophetic Intercessory Prayer. All kinds of prayer including prophetic intercession is covered in a seven week coarse. Applications for the Institute can be made at any time. We customize a one on one plan as God directs, as well as group sessions, online or webinars included. Click to find out how to register. 

 Mentoring Moments Institute

Prosper And Be in Health even as your soul prospers. Spiritually Minded & Mended, Discipleship & Prayer Training, and specific group courses gets to the core of what has not been discovered to bring about divine power, healing and relationship building. Enrollment for classes are open now. Click and register today. 


Choose beautiful  Gifts from our unique creations and collections,  for your donations to this kingdom work. A portion of your donations goes to support Human Trafficking.  Tote bags, christian gifts and home decor and jewelry await you. Take a look now and check back often.